Friday, 10 December 2021

Friday 10th December - Pe-Chi-Li

 Here we are at the end of another week and today is my final day of captivity, so I am extremely overexcited about the prospect of going to the park tomorrow. However, today is my last day of captivity so I am going to take the opportunity to tidy up the house and put up some decorations. Let's get today's picture done quickly so I can Christmas-up the plague house...

Pe-Chi-Li (c.1910) Howard Gull Stormont

Good Lord, look at this little pooch.  He looks like he'll be having your ankles off before you know it. While Pekingese dogs obviously make me think of Tricki-Woo from All Creatures Great and Small, they also bring to mind a famous Pekingese from Mr Walker's family.  Apparently, an old lady down the road from Mr Walker's Great Grandfather died and so Great Grandpa took her dog, a Peke called Mr Woo, in.  Great Grandpa had an illegal still in the shed and it became Mr Woo's mission in life to protect the still from discovery from the Council.  When the Council men came round to investigate the illegal alcohol, Mr Woo would savage anyone who attempted to get access to the shed.  In the end, the police were called to restrain Mr Woo while the still was removed.  The loyalty of Mr Woo to the family and his appreciation of home-brew remain legendary, even today.  I have to say that Pe-Chi-Li looks like they would shred the trouser legs of officials, even for fun.

Smashing.  What I was delighted to find out was that Pe-Chi-Li's offspring also has a gorgeous portrait by Stormont...

The Bunty Regina of Rye (c.1920) Howard Gull Stormont

Majestic! The Bunty Regina of Rye (I do hope they used her full name at all times) is a fancy dog and she knows it, but I'm sure she would not be above protecting an illegal still, if called upon.  We are still a home-brew family (Mr Walker makes beer and I make berry gins and mead) but all of it is legal these days.  However, I shall be sure to mention to Blossom that should things change, it is a matter of family pride that she protects it.  Mind you, she's so friendly, no-one can get past her anyway...

Catch you tomorrow.

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