Thursday, 20 December 2012

20th December - The Lady of the Snows

I actually made an effort this morning to have nice hair and look respectable for work.  I looked pretty swishy until I stepped outside and was instantly reduced to a drowned rat.  I had completely missed how appalling the weather was as I merrily crimped my hair and got all fancy, and it lasted about twenty seconds. Rats.  Up to that moment, I swear I looked this good...

The Lady of the Snows (1896) George Henry Boughton
Look at the muff on that!  The award for possibly the most beautiful Winter picture should go to this cutie, as the Lady of the Snows swans about in a pink ensemble.  How posh is she, with her matching cape and muff combination?  Amazing, I want her outfit.  As it turns out George Henry Boughton is a veritable fount of Winter-y images, so many I could have chosen...

Priscilla (1879)
Boughton was born in Norfolk and grew up over the water in America, and seems to have had a career stuffed with gorgeous pictures.  The Lady of the Snows is so graceful and charming, I long for snow so that I can emulate her.  I think this may well be her as well:

Yes, I'm beginning to love Mr Boughton.  I think this may have pushed me over the edge...

Woman with a Mirror and a Rose
Yes, it's a little rough, but it reeks of Pre-Raphaelite.  She could almost be one of Rossetti's fair damozels from the 1850s.  Snow Girl isn't Pre-Raph, but she is perfection with her giant brooch and fur trimmed clothes.  The snow is definitely a secondary concern in this image, the woman and her beauty is all that is important.  The Lady of the Snows sounds a bit religious - Mr Walker points out that 'Lady of the Snows' sounds a bit like 'Lady of Sorrows', or the Virgin Mary as she is more commonly known.  I'm not making any great claim for the saintly nature of Snow Girl, but it's obvious that Boughton thought a lot of her, giving her status and dignity.  It might be cold and a bit bleak in the windswept landscape but she is unflappable and  toasty in her exquisite ensemble.

Well, the snow may arrive one day and I may well have the chance to look presentable again, but until the rain stops I'm not ruining my muff and bonnet for nothing.

See you tomorrow.


  1. When I was a tennager I spent the summers at a winter ski resport small hotel (lol)run by my aunt. In the little vollage was the catholic church and it was called Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church. I thought it was the prettiest of names. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  2. I love the "Christmas" one, as it looks like Holland, I have connections with Holland and it does have a certain order and tranquillity which that picture reflects.

  3. He does do good snow...I think he spent some time on the continent painting as there is a series of Northern France type images. I agree there is the hint of a clog about 'Christmas'. Lovely stuff, thanks for your comments

  4. I need some black faux-fur and some fancy and warm curtain jacquard and my sewing machine... Then I too shall have a matching cape and muff with furry trim!

  5. A matching muff and cape is going to be the height of fashion soon, I can feel it. I shall get my machine out too as I'm sure I won't be able to find one I like in M&S...


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