Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6th December - Girl with a Muff

It's suddenly turned very nippy over the last couple of days and so I have brought out our basket of hats and gloves, but it strikes me what I need is a muff.  Isn't it funny how certainly items of clothing never come back into fashion?  Well, I say it's time for a muff renaissance!  I bring you Exhibit A in my campaign, Girl with a Muff by George Henry Boughton.

I admit that here in Southern England it isn't as cold as this looks. Girl with a Muff has the alternative title of Dutch Girl, so maybe the snowy landscape she trudges through is actually Holland.  There are bleak little snow-dusted houses behind her, and the colouring of the picture is pale as the snow.  The white of her bonnet lining is crisp, but almost vanishes into the paleness of her cheek, then her capelet continues the shade downwards into her cuff and apron.  Against this is the lovely russet of her dress, and the little book, presumably a Bible, clutched in her hand.

That is a splendid muff, and does look very toasty.  I do wonder why she hasn't got her other hand well and truly rammed into it.  Boughton obviously approved of muffs as they appear in a few of his pictures...

Puritan Maid
Again, russet dress and muff offset nicely against the snow.  I also like her crossed over scarf and long gloves, now there is a girl who understands being cosy.  The Puritan girl's shoes aren't as clear as the Girl with a Muff: Muff Girl's shoes are beautiful, I have a pair that are similar, but they don't seem to be sturdy enough for the snow.  Surely some boots would be more appropriate?  Or at least put your pretty shoes inside carrier bags which are secured with elastic bands, like we used to do in the 1970s...

So my rally cry for today is 'Muff Revival!' - It's time to bring the muff back, people, for toasty hands and toasty Bibles. Plus, it looks like a good place to hide your mistletoe for sneak attacks.  You know it makes sense.

See you tomorrow.


  1. I'll hide my mistletoe in a muff with you! Lovely paintings and appropriate for the first snow here in the Midwest!

  2. Mmmm, first snow, how lovely. We have had yucky drizzle but it is turning colder. Definitely chilly enough to get your muff out, mistletoe included.


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