Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st December - Heart of Snow

Welcome to my Blogvent Calendar.  I will post a picture and some overly personal commentary every day until Christmas Eve, when we will all eat too many mince pies, drink one too many sherries, become over-emotional and fall asleep.  I will start as I mean to go on with a semi-naked lady in the snow. 

Heart of Snow Edward Robert Hughes
Now, far be it for me to point out the folly of sprawling around in the snow with your boob out (we’ve all been there), but I’m hoping she is a metaphor, albeit one with a cold arse.  I love the rather cloud-like texture to the snow she is reclining in, and to start with I thought she was an angel.  She appears to exist in some glacial wasteland, dangling her legs over a cliff with only a bird for company.  Is it a dove?  It has awfully big wings and looks a little bit predatory, like a hovering hawk.  Thinking about the title, does Hughes mean that she is a nymph-like personification of snow or that she actually has a cold heart?  She seems self-contained, unbothered by her surroundings, so is it a criticism of the woman, cold and unbothered by her lover’s attention?  Is her heart as unfeeling as the perilous shafts of ice that jut towards the bird in the background, repelling and dissuading?

Happy Christmas!  Sorry, I’m sure she is just a nymph, she is the love and beauty, the ‘heart’, of the cold weather.  Hughes may be saying that when the snow falls and covers the land, it holds the same exquisiteness as a beautiful woman (with her boob out in the snow).

I think I added too much brandy to the mincemeat…see you tomorrow.


  1. Laughing. I'm going to go with Just a Nymph In the Snow, albeit one with a disturbing imperviousness to the cold and way too much sang-froid to just be lying there!


  2. Unless she is sneakily wearing thermal knickers, then it all makes sense. Well, sort of.

  3. Very amusing as usual! I hope she was but having just been watching Sir David in the Arctic I think she would need a lot more than that and definatly she's goung to get frost bite on the booby!

  4. Kirsty I'm sure the painter has quite a sinister interpretation of this picture so I don't think you're far off the mark.
    And with her breast out in the cold like that is she attempting to seduce her lover into her world, uncaring whether or not he may be able to cope as we as she in that harsh and frigid environment. Did you see those dark, barren mountains in the background. Those do not bode well and she appears to be looking at someone. My imagination is clearly running away with me LOL!

  5. Thanks everyone :) Wendy, I knew it! Frosty-Bottomed Hussy!

  6. Lol Frosty-Bottomed Hussy, that's a great phrase.


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