Monday, 21 March 2016

World Poetry Day 2016: Portrait of Sophie Gray

Here we are on World Poetry Day again and I have written a poem inspired by the famous and wonderful portrait of Sophie Gray, painted by her brother-in-law, John Everett Millais....

Portrait of Sophie Gray (1857) J E Millais
Sophie's Heart
My sister wears a cross of wings,
The golden thread in her hair sings,
My hair is filled with flame and smoke,
That lifts my chin until I choke,
There’s barely any white to stitch,
My heart is picked out in the pitch.
I’m not so young as not to see
The pain you garlanded on me,
Your joy is tainted by a snare,
Your missteps taken into air,
Oh, how those shadows cloak your bark,
My heart is picked out in the dark.
Will I repeat mistakes and pain?
Will I know infamy or fame?
Will I be met with smile or sneer?
Will I evoke a laugh or tear?
No matter how defiantly,
I can’t foresee my destiny,
Your theatre pressed me to the back,
My heart is picked out in the black.

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