Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saturday 6th December - Winter Sunshine

Well, I'm knackered.  I've spent the afternoon hosting Lily's 9th birthday party (sort of like Lord of the Flies, but with cake) and now I'm watching the lovely Art Nouveau programme on BBC4.  Not a bad way to end the day, plus there's more cake should I need it.  On with today's picture...

Winter Sunshine (1892) Henry van de Velde
It has been a splendidly sunny day today and there is a very particular pleasure in being warmed by some winter sun.  This lovely lady in the sunlight is attending to her boudoir near a screen.  Everything is peachy pink, warmed and golden but there is a hint of blue in everything, letting you feel the chill in the air.

Ecce Homo cover design (1908)
Van de Velde was a Belgian painter, architect and designer and one of the main Belgian proponents of the Art Nouveau movement in his country. The year this painting was completed, he gave up painting to concentrate on design and he designed furniture and interiors for Samuel Bing's L'Arte Nouveau gallery in Paris, which contributed to the movement's name.  He continued his career, settling in Weimar, Germany, where he helped establish the Grand Ducal School of Arts and Craft, which became the Bauhaus after the First World War.  He lived on, through another war, finally dying in 1957 after many years influencing generation after generation of designers.

My present suggestion today is a catalogue of a new museum. In 2013, the Musée Fin-de-Siècle in Brussells opened its doors and displayed a national collection of all things Art Nouveau.  It is a very dear wish of mine and Mr Walker to go and see their collection soon but in the meantime, have a look at the guide, available here from the Museum directly and available in 3 languages. Gorgeousness abounds!

See you tomorrow.  I'm off for a good night's sleep.  And possibly some more cake.

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