Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tuesday 24th December - Christmas Eve, Highcross Market, Leicester

Morning, m'darlings!  I won't keep you long as I'm sure you are all busy, but may I wish you a Happy Christmas Eve indeed and here is the last door on the Blogvent calendar for this year...

Christmas Eve, Highcross Market, Leicester, Sixthteenth Century (1900)
Henry Reynolds Steer
The painting shows the Highcross in Leicester which used to stand between High Cross Street and High Street, and the civic musicians, or Town Waits playing carols.  I find the idea of the 'Waits' to be fabulous, and there is a lovely history of them here.  They are a cross between watchman, musician and they mark the passing hours with music.  The little chap holding their music in the picture is obviously apprenticed to them.  It's lovely to read that the tradition was revived in 2002 and I would love to see them, preferably in the snow on Christmas Eve.  How wonderful.

Right then, I shall leave you good people to celebrate Christmas and I shall see you all again soon, in that quiet bit between Boxing Day and New Year.  Thank you so much for your comments and messages - I am glad you have enjoyed Blogvent as much as I have this year.  I would like to wish a special Happy Christmas to the Ladies in St Louis who have sent such lovely messages and I hope that Santa is good to you all!

I'll be back soon to talk about controversial wombats, but in the meantime eat, drink and be merry, you know you want to...

Happy Christmas to you all!


  1. Dear Kirsty
    Happy Christmas to you and your family too. Looking forward to reading about controversial wombats!
    Best wishes

  2. Lovely picture. Happy Christmas to you and yours!


Many thanks for your comment. I shall post it up shortly! Kx