Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday 13th December - May You Have A Quite Too Happy Time

Well, let's just ignore that it is Friday 13th and let's get on with lovely Blogvent.  Look at the smasher I have for you today, you lucky people!

May You Have A Quite Too Happy Time Albert Ludovici
I loved this image as the title made me laugh.  I think this is how I would like to appear at Christmas, dollying about with something elegant, looking flawless and aesthetic.  Bear in mind that I am typing this in my pyjamas at 4pm because I suffered from Friday melt-down and the dog, Lily and I decided the best response was to wrap ourselves in blankets and retire to the sofa.  Under the artistic gaze of Mr Ludovici, I'm sure we would look a lot more classy than we do at present.  The best I can offer this afternoon is that my tshirt is from the William Morris exhibition at the V&A.  Sorry.

I got curious about Albert Ludovici, because his was not a name I knew.  He is actually Albert Ludovici junior, as his father, also an artist, shared the name.  Check out this picture of Junior, what a fox...

Hello Ladies...
Goodness me!  Albert Ludovici (1852-1932) was not the only artistic child in that family as his sister, Marguerite, also became an artist.  His work is typical of watercolour, slightly looser handling of paint, influenced by Whistler.  He also worked on illustrations, like today's image, and these equally proper festive greetings...

I have so many people to whom I would like to send a card that reads 'With yearnings for your intense joy!' because that just says it all.  I don't want you just to have a merry time, I offer 'precious wishes' for a 'charming time'. Darlings!

As for his painting work, there seems to be a small amount in British collections (in oil at any rate).  I think of the few on offer on the PCF catalogue, I like this one best...

Secrets (1900)
It's so delicate and distant, yet you can almost hear the quiet, urgent whispers between these women.  The dark-haired lady looks immobile, possibly she has confessed a secret that has rooted her with shame.  Or maybe she is reacting to what her friend has just murmured to her in a fit of truth.  Possibly the secret involves the disappearance of the dark-haired lady's cat and the blonde-haired lady's new muff.  The shame!

Anyway, I'd like to call upon the V&A who own Ludovici's aesthetic illustrations to make them into Christmas cards for next year.  They are just the proper spirit that high-minded people like you and I need to be passing to our high-minded friends.  Simply too, too perfect.

If you do not expire from intense joy, I shall see you again tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful images, especially the last one - agree with what you have said. Hope that teapot isn't too hot in first photo!

  2. I wish these cards were still printed, too. I'd be sending cards like this out all year 'round.

  3. With yearning for your intense joy [ and a Merry Christmas of course!]


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