Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thursday 12th December - Winter Beauty

Hello My Winter Darlings!  We are now half way through Blogvent and it's high time we had some muff!

Winter Beauty (1910) Emile Vernon
Good Lord, but this woman is muff-tastic.  Not only does she have a coat of dead animals, but she has actual little faces incorporated into her muff.  That is called not wasting a bit of the mink, or ferret, or whatever unfortunate animal looked cosy in range of her shotgun.  I wonder how many little critters went into that ensemble?  Lawks.

Woman with awesome muff, 1882
Now, this time of year makes me suffer from terrible muff-envy.  Look at the woman above.  I want to be wearing literally everything she has got on, even if it would make me look just like my Granny's sofa.  She looks amazing.  I want to look that cool.  The problem is, even if I got my muff out, it's hard to look natural with a muff in public these days.  In the olden days it was different, you could have an outrageous muff in public and no-one batted an eyelid.  These days muffs seem to be for mentalists.  For example...

Olden Days Muff = normal

Modern muff = little bit odd
Oh, there is a third category...

Stripper with muff  = specialist
I would love to bring muffs back into fashion.  A muff is such a useful thing.  You can put your car keys in it, your muff pistols (should you fear foot pads and highway men) and at least one tube of Smarties.  Also, I hadn't considered it until I saw the following picture, but it could disguise a personal problem...

Winter (1882) Francesc Masriera
Now, this young lady obviously has completely out of control facial hair but she has cunningly disguised it as a fashion item, therefore her blushes are spared.  Everyone thinks she's really coy and she'll be married before she knows it.

Well, look, if I'm going to be at the vanguard of fashion, bringing back muffs this winter, I'm definitely going to need one of these...

Discrete and practical, it's a muff warmer.  Not sure of the scale, but I'm guessing it's small enough to fit into even the bijou-est muff.  Lovely.

If I have a Christmas wish for you, my darlings, then may your muff be ever toasty...

See you tomorrow.


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