Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Poem for National Poetry Day 2014

Here we are again for National Poetry Day, and like always I have a poem for you.  My favourite Burne-Jones painting is The Depths of the Sea as I've always been fascinated by the power of desire in the mermaid's face, overcoming the strength of the chap she's caught...

Depths of the Sea (1881) Edward Burne-Jones

The Depths of the Sea

I took this man from all that’s light,
My arm about his body tight
I pressed him with my charms.
My love secured this land-bred man
To harbour in my arms.

I saw him kick towards the boat,
As all about him bent and broke,
I didn’t see his face.
I caught him by his striking legs
And brought him to my place.

His eyes and mouth were open wide,
Plunging, plunging deep inside
The darkening waters, cold.
Exertion made his body hot,
I love this man I hold.

The last one was a beauty too,
How I cried when I ruined you.
The sea consumed my men.
White shells that line my pretty home
Are all that’s left of them.

This time, this time, I feel so sure,
Your love, your beauty must endure,
You answer with a sigh.
And cool and cease like the ones before,
As I begin to cry.


  1. Gorgeous. Entrancing, unsettling, romantic. Makes you think about how fleeting, lasting, wonderful and horrible love is.

    Is the poem also by Edward Burne, madam Kirsty?

  2. Thank you. Ah, Ned and his mermaids....I think my poem is a little too brutal for his tastes, even with this painting!

  3. Ah, you're the culprit. Brava, I adore it. I think it's in my top ten.


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