Friday, 7 March 2014

Eclectic Eccentricity: Muse

One of the perks of doing this blog is that I get to meet some fabulous, creative people.  Just such a happening occurred recently when I was contacted by the lovely types at Eclectic Eccentricity.  They have recently launched a collection called Muse and thought I'd like to know about it because, well, the obvious reasons...

EE was established ten years ago by Lucy Crick and she and her small band of crafty types who handcraft beautiful collections in Norfolk (an eastern bit of England for those outside the UK).  I love the fact that their collections have themes that are dear to Lucy and her band, and one of those themes is Pre-Raphaelite art.  I was contacted by Alice, Lucy's sister, who wondered if I was interested in getting involved with gorgeous things.  Well, that would be a yes.

Mr Walker is going to love this image (he is the Curator at the Russell-Cotes where Venus Veritcordia resides...) and that is the point with the new collection.  I love it because EE know what they are doing with the art.  There are beautiful homages to Venus and Ophelia on their site, both in the photos and the pieces of jewellery themselves.  I mean, how can you resist this?

This one reminds me of both The Bridesmaid by Millais and Gather Ye Rosebuds by Waterhouse.  I love that their Ophelia pictures are in a bath, a smart reference for Pre-Raph types like you and I, plus I love the cloudy water, it looks so dream-like.  The use of the muted golds, butterflies, ferns, birds, and sea blue stones are so evocative of the riches of Rossetti and the visions of Burne-Jones.

Siddal Amazonite Necklace 
There are many beautiful reasons to buy pieces from the Muse collection, but I love the fact that I can buy directly from the lovely crafty people who make the pieces and they are Pre-Raphaelites fans too.

The complete collection can be found here and the pieces are as affordable as they are beautiful.  You can also take part in a competition to win a goody bag of lovelies including a signed copy of Stunner: The Fall and Rise of Fanny Cornforth by me!

And they get the Wombat Stamp of Approval...

Big Alice and Ned Burne-Jones admire the new necklace...

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