Friday, 9 August 2013

Wombat Friday with Edward Burne-Jones

Thank Wombat it's Friday, my Wombat Darlings!  I have had a rather long and awfully busy week full of grown-up decisions and general sensibleness.  I think I have earned a large slice of cake and a extra large slice of wombat-related silliness.

So here it is...

Edward Burne-Jones is trying to explain his painting to Fanny and Top.

Fanny says 'Hmm, yes, it's lovely.  There's a cafe here, right?'.

Top adds 'It's very good Ned, but it would have been better with some wombats in it...'

Happy Wombat Friday!


  1. Dear Kirsty
    Happy Wombat Friday to you too!
    Best wishes

  2. Happy Wombat Friday! I'll have tea in the cafe with Fanny and Top.

  3. Happy Wombat Friday, my darlings! I hope there is cake where you are...

  4. At our house it is Woozles. Glad to see massive whimsy at large!


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