Friday, 5 April 2013

Birthday Competition - The Results!

Well, here we all are and cake all round!  Yes, I was the big four-oh yesterday and thank you everyone for the marvellous entries for my competition.

So who did I knit....?

Well, I have to admit to being very impressed by the guesses and wish I had knitted all of these: Burne-Jones, William Bell Scott, Ruskin, Top the Wombat, Fanny, Lizzie, Jane...

But no, none of them.

In fact I knitted someone who only two people guessed...

William Morris!

Topsy and Wombat and Cake
I did take a far more dignified picture of him at Standen...

However, we all know he'd far rather be hanging out with a wombat, scoffing the bottom end of a hedgehog birthday cake.

Well done to Marie (who I will be in touch with imminently) and who also made this rather splendid Ophelia...

Also, well done to Ruth for this embroidered Stunner...

...and to Rosemary for this little William Morris (great minds think alike!)...

Seeing as you all put the effort in and made me smile, you all get a signed copy of Stunner and my love for such marvellous crafty Pre-Raphaelites!

The other person who guessed correctly was the marvellous Raine Szramski who already has a signed copy of my book, so she gets a big kiss, virtually.  Yes Raine, I shall now knit a little Edward Burne-Jones to keep Topsy company.

Thank you to everyone who took part, this has been tremendous fun and makes me want to write my own Pre-Raphaelite knitting book...

Cake all round!


  1. Love all of those, but your William Morris in his suit is particularly great. The knitting book is a brilliant idea - I'm sure that you could get all the blog followers to help via Kickstarter, Unbound, or some such....

    A little knitted Swinburne would be quite the thing, but I am looking forward to seeing your Edward Burne-Jones. Maybe knit him with a copy of Morte d'Arthur and a fencing foil, from his University days?

  2. Love him! My poor William is often left out - wish I'd have guessed him correctly.

    Loving all the other creativity too - yes to a PR knitting book!

  3. Well you're QUITE the knitter, and happy birthday. Of COURSE you had to work a wombat in. :)
    And that Ophelia is somehow so touching... a tragic scene translated into the innocence of a doll.
    Oh, and about victorianlibrarian's idea... Do it! Can you think of a better way to spend your spare time? ;)

  4. Congrats to the winners! And he's a bit of a stunner himself, if I might make so bold.


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