Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Join the Society!

Hello again beloved readers, sorry it's been a bit of a quiet week but I have been working on the second draft of my novel and giving my second talk at Bournemouth. I thought I would just bring a subject close to my heart to your attention, and that is the Pre-Raphaelite Society.

I have been a member of the Society for many years, and began writing Pre-Raphaelite art history nonsense in their marvellous journal.  I owe the Society, and the wonderful people who run it, an awful lot as they have never ceased encouraging and helping me do what I do.  If you love the Pre-Raphaelites, then you really need to join up because the Journal alone is worth the small amount they ask for in membership, and you get it three times a year!  In addition there is the chance to attend lectures by some of the leading lights in Pre-Raphaelite study - where else are you going to hear Lucinda Hawksley, Dinah Roe and Stephen Wildman all talking about the PRB?  Well that was February to April this year in the Pre-Raphaelite Society event calendar, and the rest of the year is equally as spectacular.  

One of the first Journals I appeared in, back in 2000
We have become blessed with an avalanche of Pre-Raphaelite exhibitions at present,and  the Society organises trips to the museums involved, either by coach from Birmingham (where the Society is based) or meeting up with them at the exhibition.  You then have the chance to experience the shows with people who love the art as much as you do.  Bliss!

The Last Judgement Window, 1897 (detail) Edward Burne-Jones
You also get the PRS US which is the America newsletter on Pre-Raphaelite matters going on over the pond, which has the most fascinating information on books, reviews of shows, pictures being show or discovered and all things Pre-Raphaelite.  On top of all that you get flyers about up-coming exhibitions, book offers and all kinds of information that you need to know.

The Society was founded in 1988, so next year is a very special year indeed for the Society, being the 25th anniversary.  There will no doubt be some special shenanigans and the suchlike, so there has never been a better time to join.  As it so happens, there is a special offer on and you can get 15 months membership for the price of 12.  If you join up between now and the end of the year, you will get four copies of the Review journal plus an initial welcome-pack copy - making a total of five Reviews for the price of three, along with the PRS US Newsletter, numerous book offers, exhibition details and invitations to an excellent series of lectures and visits. It's like Father Christmas got you letter....

You can become a member for as little as £14 per annum (or a mere £12 if you use a standing order) for those of us over here in Blighty, and $35 for our American cousins.  For those overseas, not in UK or US, it is the equivalent of £22.

For further details and how to join up, visit their website and become a member! If you have any questions, drop them a line or visit their Facebook page.  They are the most lovely group of people and will answer any questions you might have.

I'll see you at the AGM next year!

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