Friday, 9 November 2012

Dear Father Christmas....

I was just looking for images for Blogvent the other day, when I thought to myself ‘What would I like for a Pre-Raphaelite Christmas present?’  This led to further daydreaming and wondering about marvellous things that could be given to the Pre-Raphaelite lover in your life (especially if that’s yourself) and so I thought I would give you some ideas…

1. The Scape Goat
Okay, I’m starting with a silly one, but when I saw this I laughed heartily and then planned to dress it up with little red flowers.  He comes with some work-related nonsense written on him, but we all know this is for Pre-Raphaelite fans to pin all their sins on.  Poor little chap.  Anyway, he can be purchased from here….

2. Pre-Raphaelite Inspired Handbags by Simon Brock

Oh swoon!  Here are some spankingly delicious handbags, each lovingly hand crafted and given Pre-Raphaelite names by Simon Brock.  Simon draws his inspiration from the Arts and Craft movement and his bags are rather ethically produced as well as being things of beauty.  

Simon's website is here.  I want a Beatrix, in case you were wondering….

3. Tshirts for the Pre-Raphaelite Wardrobe

Everyone knows I love Raine Szramski, the woman in an artistic genius and how many of those does one get to meet?  Anyhow, Raine has applied her Pre-Raphaelite art to tshirts and obviously I want a Fanny tshirt

This is me modelling my Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood tshirt, showing how cool I am as I know the awesome Stephanie Pina.  You too can look this cool by purchasing your swanky shirt from here.

4. Books and Books and Books…
Come on, it’s an easy win.  Who doesn’t love a good book?  Can I suggest these wonderful additions to anyone’s bookcase…

If you don't mind the expense, or if you want to earn brownie points for spending that much on your beloved, Jane Morris' Letters can be found here.  If you want a fabulous and enlightening biography of the Rossetti family, you definitely need Dinah Roe's indispensable The Rossetti's in Wonderland which can be purchased here.  You could also buy a copy of Stunner: The Fall and Rise of Fanny Cornforth, but I would say that, wouldn't I?

If it’s fiction you are after, then I always feel in need of something a little supernatural at Christmas, so may I recommend either The Arrow Chest by Robert Parry (from here) or Sarah Water’s Affinity (from here).  Or both. Go on, it's Christmas, I can think of nothing better than curling up with a large glass of mulled wine, a warm blanket and both of these marvellous stories.

In case you are buying for a younger Pre-Raphaelite, then can I recommend Color Your Own Pre-Raphaelite Paintings?  I have a copy and it is hours of delightful fun, especially if you copy the pages so you can use them again and again, and it stops everyone fighting over La Ghirlandata. Again Amazon can oblige, from here...

5. Walnut Key

If you are hanging around The Strand of an evening, attempting to snag yourself a handsome artist, cracking the necessary walnuts used to be awfully hard on your teeth.  Not anymore!  Thanks to the Walnut Key, you can now simply twist and throw!  What makes mine Pre-Raphaelite is that it was made by Cox and Cox.  Now Sarah Cox can save her teeth and use her Cox and Cox Walnut Key in order to meet Rossetti and become Fanny Cornforth! 
Sadly Cox and Cox don’t seem to be selling them this year, but they can be purchased from Amazon.  If Cox and Cox wish to start selling them again, I am available to star in adverts for them...

So my dear friends, I hope this provides a little inspiration.  If you know of any other novel Pre-Raphaelite themed presents, let me know and I'll post them up here!

My Scape Goat, taking the blame for my blog, amongst other things...


  1. I must get on to making my own wishlist, I think I've only ever had one instance of someone buying me something from one though! Love love the idea of the scapegoat, and i happily saw the picture in person at Tate's exhibition.

  2. I love my Amazon Wishlists, it makes life so easy, especially for the poor souls who have to buy presents for Lily-Rose. The Scape Goat will live on my desk at work and will get the blame for everything, as seems proper...


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