Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mrs Walker has Fun in Steyning

I was in Steyning today, retaking the photographs for the re-issue of Stunner.  Imagine how delighted I was to see the following in a shop window….

And also, more astonishing and heart-swellingly lovely….

Well, hurrah and drinks all round.  I had read in the last Pre-Raphaelite Society Journal that the good people of Steyning had put up a plaque, and it was flipping marvellous to see it, attached to The Dollshouse Shop (it used to be a dry-cleaners when I took the original photo for Stunner).  I went in to the shop and was told by the cheery owner that the shop has a ‘lovely atmosphere’, despite the very low ceiling.

I also went to the graveyard to rephotograph the graves, and was left wondering about Fanny’s last resting place.  I have a lead I am following up at present, but stood there by the church, I offered up the plea ‘Come on, Fanny, just give me a bloody sign…’

At which point the heavens opened with a torrential shower of rain.

Well, thanks for that.

And then the organist started playing very, very ominous music indeed.
Very bloody funny, Fanny.  I can easily redraft so it says you were an illiterate, nut-spitting tart…


  1. Asking for signs without being very very specific is never wise. :-D

    But how wonderful to see the ones you did! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Great - signs and portents eh! I always suspected Fanny might have a good sense of humour, if bad taste in men.


Many thanks for your comment. I shall post it up shortly! Kx