Sunday 1 July 2012

Stunning Competition!

Well, my dears, here is your chance to win a signed copy of Stunner 2.0!  Yes, I know, that is far more excitement than is decent for a Sunday (or whatever day you are reading this), but hold on tight, because it's competition time!

Now, this wouldn't be a Kissed Mouth competition without an aspect of strangeness and public exhibitionism, so I have three photographs for you, shown below.  All are posed in the manner of very famous Pre-Raphaelite pictures and all you need to do is send me the titles of all three.  All correct entries will be popped in the hat and a winner will be pulled at the close of Friday 13th July (that day has to be lucky for someone).

Yes, I know, the pictures are fairly obvious, but it's a tad more silly fun than just getting you to email your names to me.  Well, I had fun at any rate....

All entries and associated suggestions for therapy are to be sent to :

Here we go....

Picture One:

The original has a far less cheeky expression on her face and we don't own a sugar shaker, so it's a box of Silver Spoon, but otherwise you get the idea... Thanks to Carnation-Lily-Lily-Rose for her vague levels of patience.

Picture Two:

Well, we don't have a sundial at Walker Heights, and a chicken is as near as we get to a dove, otherwise you get the idea.  Thanks to Cagney the Chicken for her cooperation.

Picture Three:

Yes, it's a Municipal Paddling Lake.  Yes, it was very, very cold.  So very cold.  But you get the idea. My thanks to Miss Holman, my partner in crime, as always.

So, Virtual Chums, send me your answers by Friday 13th July (all answers in by 23.59pm GMT) and I shall send the lucky winner a lovely signed copy of Stunner 2.0.

If you are not lucky enough to win, copies can be bought from Amazon.

Good luck, and I'm off to get warm....


  1. I love these! What a fun idea Kirsty!

  2. You're a brave woman and no mistake. Outdoor bathing in this weather.

  3. Anything with a nice chicken has my vote.

  4. Ha! Stephanie, I'd love to have a series of pictures where I just assume a Pre-Raphaelite pose in public, at a random moment. I shall work on that.

    Helen, you have no idea. So. Very. Cold. And public.

    Lila, I'll let Cagney know she has a fan. Lacey will be jealous....

  5. You should have used a bathtub with lotsa candles :)

  6. Ah Nancy, if only! My bath is tiny!

  7. Just a quick thought about your daughter's name. I'm sure you and Mr Walker don't concern yourselves with celebrity gossip and tittle-tattle but I did notice a few weeks ago that when Johnny Depp (a moving picture actor) and his partner split up recently, it was mentioned that his daughter is called Lily-Rose. It makes me wonder if that is coincidence or maybe he does like John Singer Sargent. I suppose that's not so unlikely; Russell Crowe doesn't look like someone who likes poetry but he named his son after Tennyson. BTW, I have got the book and am enjoying reading it.

  8. First of all, thank you for buying Stunner! I found out that lovely Johnny had a daughter called Lily-Rose after we decided on Miss Walker's name, and I wondered the same, if he too named his daughter for the Singer Sargent picture? I've been dying to ask him ever since. Also, I wanted to tell him to do a Rossetti biopic after seeing him in The Tourist. Allegedly, he's moving into our part of England, so when I bump into him I'll be sure to bring it up...

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