Monday 18 June 2012

A Whole New Stunner

Ladies and Gentleman, after much faffing about and far more swearing than is strictly necessary, I present for your enjoyment Stunner, second edition!

If you wish to purchase this splendid updated and explanded edition you can do so from Amazon (UK) or Amazon (USA) or from any of the other Amazon stores in Europe.

Why the second edition?  Well, there was so much more I wanted to say about Fanny Cornforth, in light of Desperate Romantics and countless exhibitions that have occurred since 2006 when I self-published the first edition.  I also wanted to correct any spelling issues that occurred in the first edition.  I also wanted to include actual images of Fanny (thanks to the generosity of the museums and galleries involved) and I can show you a tiddy cheque (thank you Lila) and a graphic novel version of Fanny (thank you Raine).  I can now tell you what I think happened to Fanny in the end, and show you her letters to Samuel Bancroft Jnr.  I can show you a gorgeous and little seen image of her from the Lyman Alleyn Gallery.  I can show you where she lived at all of the different points in her life, from Steyning to Kensington.  In short, I wanted to do Fanny justice, once and for all, and I hope I have done that now.

I will be running a competition next week for a signed copy, so watch this space for strange photographs of me and my family.  I am also giving a talk on Fanny in the autumn for the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth, details to follow.

Right, I'm off to eat cake in celebration, but will just add one thing: If you like my book, you would have my undying gratitude if you posted a review on Amazon.   


  1. We're all so excited- for you AND for us! Can't wait to see it, Kirsty.

  2. Huzzah! Three cheers. I will purchase a copy - so you can eat more cake!

  3. Nancy, like I need an excuse ;)

    Thank you to everyone for the support and endless patience you've all shown over the last year. I couldn't have done it without you!

  4. Just ordered a copy from - can't wait!

  5. Thank you again, I should re-edition my books everyday, this is fun! That might be the sugar talking...

    Thanks for your support, Virtual Beloveds, I hope I do you proud :)

  6. I ordered my copy right after I read your wonderful news! I - erm - ordered other things as well - just royally blew my budget but it was worth it! More cake!

  7. Such is the peril of Amazon, however hurrah! Extra cake! And possibly some cider!

  8. My copy just arrived, so excited, first the UPS man delivered to the wrong address.
    Looking forward to reading carefully, just skimmed through the correspondences with S. Bancroft, whose great - great grandsons I went to school with in Wilmington, they still lived in the Bancroft house across from the Museum.

    Also, coincidentally, Marie Stillman's great - great granddaughter is an artist associate of mine here in Tucson! The world is getting smaller and smaller. Thank you for your posts, I enjoy your writing.

  9. betinafink, thank you for buying Stunner! It is indeed a small world after all, what illustrious people you know! :) I hope you enjoy the book.


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