A Curl of Copper and Pearl

London, 1865: Literally plucked from the street, Alice Wilding finds herself the silent audience to the most turbulent years of the life of bohemian artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. As his dumb muse, she witnesses infidelity, madness, forgery, lust, theft and death. A Curl of Copper and Pearl is a memoir of the lives of others in a world where truth is reliant on who is painting the picture.

If you are interested in Pre-Raphaelite lovelies, you'll love my novel, based on the life of Alexa Wilding. Covering the years 1865 to 1882, it follows Alexa as she experiences the madness, glory and beauty of Rossetti's circle as she sits for his paintings. Who is to be trusted and who will destroy her?  Will Rossetti risk everything, including Alexa herself, in his pursuit of beauty?

"The Alexa of these pages sparkles with intensity. Her life and experiences are written in an unflinchingly honest way. With utmost sincerity I say to you: this book is a work of art" Stephanie Piña, The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood Website

"With all the irresistible draw of any good fly-on-the-wall expose, mingled with ample servings of romance and gritty realism, here is a story that is both entertaining and totally absorbing." Robert Stephen Parry, author of The Arrow Chest

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