Wednesday 24 December 2014

Wednesday 24th December - Mrs Fox and Mr Robin

Here we are then, my lovely readers, at the end of another Blogvent.  As promised, today I am bringing you a bedtime story.  This was written by my daughter and I especially for her bedtime story tonight.  I hope you enjoy it too...

Mrs Fox and Mr Robin

It was a cold and snowy evening,
The hour was late and blown ,
And in the wood there hid a fox,
On Christmas Eve, alone. 

She’d gone to find some dressing
For table-top and more, 
Some mistletoe with berries,
To hang above the door.


Mr Fox had found the food,
And they would have a feast,
The foxlings would eat well tonight,
They were at home at least.

But Mrs Fox had lost her way,
Beneath the darkening sky, 
And sheltered in the gathering gloom,
A tear escaped her eye.


‘I am quite lost,’ she softly sighed,
‘I am so far from home!
I did not pay attention
When I began to roam.’

Above her in the ancient fir,
A robin perched concealed, 
And quietly hopped from branch to branch,
He moved yet unrevealed.


He sweetly sang, ‘I cannot bear
To hear a lady’s sorrow.
You should be back at home, my dear,
It’s Christmas Day tomorrow.’

‘Who speaks?’ she asked, ‘I cannot see,
Come closer please, my friend.’ 
The robin gave a smile and said,
‘Alas, t’would be my end.’


‘I am just a bird,’ he said,
‘No match for foxes, see?’
Mrs Fox gave a nod, a sigh,
And said ‘You can trust me.’

‘My Uncle Burt,’ the Robin told,
‘Once feasting on a table, 
Was caught between a foxes jaws,
Escape he was not able.’


The Robin’s voice led Mrs Fox,
As he bobbed tree to tree,
And as she walked she looked above and said
‘You can trust me.’

‘My Auntie Sue was bit in two,
My Cousin Sam the same, 
It is no wonder, Lovely Fox,
That I would fear your name.’


Fox and Robin reached the path,
The Fox said ‘I agree,
There's many a bite on a dark, cold night,
But Dear, you can trust me.’

‘Oh Lovely Fox, I wish it were
That you and I could meet, 
That you were not a Fox, my dear,
And Robins weren’t to eat.’


The Fox said ‘Oh, my little friend,
You’ve led me through this night,
You’ve saved me from the ice and snow,
My home is now in sight.’

‘It’s Christmas Eve, oh Robin dear,
And miracles abound, 
Come down from high above me,
And settle on the ground.’

‘Oh Lovely Fox, go on indoors,
You must be cold, go in!
Your family waits for you inside
And Christmas can begin.’

But Mrs Fox refused to leave,
And sat there in the snow, 
‘You have saved a life, my friend,
Of one who hurts you so.’


‘What can I do to gain your trust?
Please come down from your tree.
For you have saved a fox, my dear,
A robin’s enemy.’

The robin gave her pleas some thought 
And said ‘The night is chill,
Go in your home, but place some crumbs 
Upon your window sill.’

She bounded in and returned at once
With good things in her paws 
Bread soaked in fat, and cake and seeds
And raisins on her claws.

She laid them out then went indoors,
But called ‘Come feast, my Love!’
And pressed against her window
Saw him flutter from above.

Though still apart, the two new friends
Spent Christmas Eve together,
The warmth that filled the Robin’s heart
Had thawed the coldest weather.

And Mrs Fox would not forget
The gift the Robin gave her,
And taught her little foxlings 
How the little bird had saved her.

The smallest  act of kindness warms
The whole wide world you see
When animals shake paw and claw,
Of a once enemy.

So Christmas Cheer and
Peace on Earth, 
To every bird and beast,
May you have food and warmth, 
but let Love be your Christmas Feast.

Much love to you and yours this Christmas, and my ever-grateful thanks to you for your company and support both this Blogvent and for this year.  I'll see you after Christmas, my darlings...


  1. A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours Kirsty. Thank you so much for your delightful company throughout December.

  2. Happy Christmas to you too, m'dear and thanks for the comments! I'm off to do battle with a trifle...

  3. Thank you for this beautiful little tale and the reminder of our vulnerability. <3

  4. Happy Christmas, my lovelies. I hope Santa brought you all what you wished for!

  5. Enjoyed the poem - and I am now also reading "A Curl of Copper and Pearl".

  6. Thank you, Denise, and I hope you enjoy it!

  7. My! This little bedtime story is so well done!

  8. Glad everyone enjoyed it and I hope you all have a peaceful new year!

  9. LOvely bedtime story. Happy Christmas from POland


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