Friday 15 March 2013

A Wildish Wombat Friday...

Fanny the Wombat would like to remind you that Wildish by Robert Parry is published on Monday, and my review will appear then.

She would also like to point you that she is going to eat that enormous slice of cake.  Alone.  With no help from me.  Honest.

See you on Monday...


  1. Dear Kirsty
    I have just posted my first 'Wombat Friday' post, minus cake, I'm afraid. I shall try to join in as often as I can. It's a lovely idea.
    Best wishes

  2. The thing I love about Wombat Friday is that all over the world people are thinking about cake, wombats and Pre-Raphaelite art, the finest things in life. One day World Peace will be achieved through Wombat Friday. Fact.

    Now, who's for another slice of cake? This one is chocolate coca-cola cake, possibly my favourite chocolate cake as it is so moist. I do like a good moist cake.

  3. Hi Kirsty, I have found an excuse to include a wombat in my latest post on The Evolving Placenta. Thought you might like to know. Anthony


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