Thursday 17 April 2014

Short Film: Arterial

Just a quick post today because I wanted to draw your attention to a splendid short film by Christopher Ian Smith.  Using La Belle Dame Sans Merci as its starting point, it explores the relationship of a modern man with nature...

I do love it when people use the same inspiration as the Pre-Raphaelites as their spring-board and the tale of the young, urban chap and his encounter with the wild, floating lady is magical.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Frank Dicksee
I found it surprising, intriguing, and beautiful and encourage you to go and take a look here.

I can think of no better way of spending the Easter weekend than being ruined by a beautiful woman.



  1. Dear Kirsty
    I really enjoyed the film, and thought the soundtrack enhanced the mysterious quality. Thank you for posting about this.
    Best wishes

  2. You're welcome. Thanks to Chris for letting me know about it.


Many thanks for your comment. I shall post it up shortly! Kx